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BUILDING STRUCTURES: Dilapidation, Inspection and Maintenance

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It must be noted that Building Managers appointed by the building owners or management bodies must exercise their professional duties to inspect and monitor the structural integrity and safety of the buildings managed. Routine checking with crack rulers and moisture meter is recommended (refer to Figure l 0). Careful inspection and repair to the slope and drainage systems need to be carried out before the arrival of rainy season.

In the event the above mentioned soil erosion, leakage, settlement, deformation, distress and dilapidation conditions are discovered, the building managers must discharge his duty of care to carry out risk assessment and forthwith report the findings to the Management Committees in writing. Mitigation actions to manage and reduce the risks must be carried out before any further damage. If the complexity of the issues in hand is beyond his
competency, he must assist the Committees to look for the relevant professionals like building surveyors and structural engineers for advice and assessment.

To recap, "Prevention is better than Cure" particularly in the event of maintenance and inspection of building structures because it concerns the fundamental safety of the occupants.

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