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Building forensic investigation

Service Description

​Leak Detection Facade Inspection Mold Inspection Non Destructive Testing on Concrete  Periodic Structural Integrity Inspection ASTM C1153-10(2015): Standard Practice for Location of Wet Insulation in Roofing Systems Using Infrared Imaging HKCI:TM1: Detection of Building Surface Defects with Infrared Thermography Failure analysis of building materials RILEM TC 154-EMC: ‘Electrochemical Techniques for Measuring Metallic Corrosion’ ANSI:IICRC S520 Mold inspection, moisture analysis and mold remediation Vibration based damage detection analysis Pressure gauge testing based on the T&C of SPAN ASTM E1934-99a(2018): Standard Guide for Examining Electrical and Mechanical Equipment with Infrared Thermography ASTM C1060-11a(2015): Standard Practice for Thermographic Inspection of Insulation Installations in Envelope Cavities of Frame Buildings AAMA 511: 2008: Voluntary Guideline for Forensic Water Penetration Testing of Fenestration Products

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